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In October 1066 What Was The Matter?
Why Was England Served for Conquest On A Platter?

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Story Behind The Rhyme & Reason
Of Harold's Christmas Treason



King Harold’s glorious rhyme - spoken from afar - tells the truth of his coup d’état.
It allowed him to steal England’s crown, and turn history upside down
by becoming a unique and disturbing thing: his realm’s first, and last, commoner king,
who nine months later threw away the royal ring, when his soul flew to hear angels sing.

He will disclose what no chronicler in the modern world knows
- or so we suppose - that the English of his day never, ever, spoke in prose.
Anglo-Saxon times were known as The Great Age of Rhymes,
when every conversation was blessed with the beauty of poetic translation.

Anyway, there is no time to rest. His Majesty must explain England’s Norman Conquest,
by uncovering facts everyone seeks about a trio of battles fought in just over three weeks
- Hastings, Stamford Bridge, and Fulford Gate - which helped seal his fate.


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